Materials of Engineering Plastics


This semi-crystalline high performance engineering thermoplastic exhibits a combination of excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It also has excellent chemical resistance, as well as inherently good flame retardancy and low smoke evolution during combustion. These properties and excellent radiation resistance make Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) one of the most widely used of the high performance polymers.

Celazole® PBI

Celazole® PBI (polybenzimidazole) is a fully aromatic heterocyclic thermoplastic polymer that provides the ultimate in thermal mechanical properties and sets the standard for engineering polymer performance.  Characterized by its 427°C glass transition temperature, high strength and broad chemical resistance, it’s meant for use in extreme environments.

LexanTM 9600 sheet offers all the benefits of standard, transparent polycarbonate sheet – excellent impact resistance, good stiffness and strength, high optical quality, excellent formability, relatively light weight – but it has significantly better flammability characteristics, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications in the transportation, electrical and electronic industries.

Techtron® PPS

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) products offer the broadest resistance to chemicals of any advanced engineering plastic. They have no known solvents below 392°F (200°C) and offer inertness to steam, strong bases, fuels and acids.  Unlike reinforced PPS products, Techtron® PPS is easily machined to close tolerances. It is ideal for structural applications in corrosive environments or as a PEEK replacement at lower temperatures. Techtron® PPS is off white in color.

TIVAR® 1000

TIVAR­ 1000 sets the standard for engineered polymers with a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface and impact strength.  TIVAR­ 1000 is resistant to chemical attack and moisture absorption, and retains key physical properties to -30° C.


As a more cost-effective option over similar PEI materials, Ultem® 1000 offers excellent machinability in high heat applications. Ultem® 1000 has the capabilities to be thermoformed, extrusion blow molded and injection molded with excellent process abilities.  Due to Ultem® 1000’s high mechanical strength and heat resistant composition, it is ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions needing chemical resistant features and high temperature resistance. It is ideally suited for interior components in aircraft, bus, medical, steam auto clave resistance, and other vehicles where such properties are required.


Vespel® is a high performance polyimide material which will not melt and can operate continuously from cryogenic, with excursions to 900 degrees F (482 degrees C). Vespel® parts consistently exhibit superior performance in a variety of applications requiring low wear and long life in severe environments.

Meldin® (PI)

Meldin® (PI) 7001

A thermosetting polyimide, Meldin® 7001 is an unfilled base resin.  This grade offers the maximum mechanical properties and high chemical resistance.  The Meldin® 7001 grade is ideal for electrical and thermal insulating applications.  More ductile than ceramics, and lighter weight than metals, Meldin® 7001 is a popular choice for structural parts in aerospace and other applications where metal replacement is desirable.

Meldin® (PI) 7021

A self-lubricating grade, Meldin® 7021, has 15% by weight graphite fillers, encapsulated by the base polyimide resin.  With its low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance, Meldin® 7021 provides a very good choice for high temperature bearings, seals and other low-wear applications.

Torlon® PAI

Torlon® PAI is a family of polyamide-imides that combines the exceptional performance of thermoset polyimides with the melt-processing advantage of thermoplastics.

PAI exhibits greater compressive strength and higher impact resistance than most advanced engineering plastics. High creep resistance and an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) provide excellent dimensional stability. Parts made of Torlon® PAI perform under conditions generally considered too severe for other thermoplastics.

Wear-resistance grades of Torlon® PAI offer unsurpassed performance in both dry and lubricated environments. High-strength grades retain their toughness, high strength and high stiffness up to 275°C (525°F), making PAI the industry’s highest performing thermoplastic. Its broad chemical resistance includes strong acids and most organics.